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Cookies – What are they?


Cookies are harmless unique identifiers that a website can place on your hard-drive to enable it to recognise your device when you visit the website again.  They are used to help the owner of the website to carry out research – for example on which pages of a website are visited most often and for how long  - and to improve security and allow the content you see to be personalised.  Some sites, but not this one, also use technology to enable other websites you visit to show you targeted adverstisements.

It is always possible for you to block or reject cookies by adjusting the settings on your Internet browser – look for ‘cookies’ in the Help section of the browser if you’re not sure how to do this.  However, if you do so, you may not get access to all of the functions of the websites you visit.


What happens if I don’t block or reject cookies?


Visiting our website without blocking or rejecting cookies simply tells us that you consent to our use of cookies - unless and until such time as you change your settings.

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